Brand Story Podcast

The Brand Story podcast features in-depth conversations with marketers, leaders, and brand storytellers about their professional journeys and the impact they’re making on the world around them.

Brand Story Podcast

Embracing Effective Communication featuring Karen Nicholas

Communications Professional and Freelance Writer

Embracing Effective Communication

Do you talk to people, or do you just talk at them? Karen Nicholas discusses the important difference in this episode of Brand Story. As a strategic communications professional and freelance writer, she helps others improve their communication skills to better engage with employees and ensure messaging connects. In this episode, you’ll hear from Karen about the three B’s of messaging, why stories can help your message resonate better, and how the illusion of communication can impact how we react.

Episode 46
Brand Story Podcast

Developing Creative Leaders featuring Vann Graves

Executive Director of the VCU Brandcenter

Developing Creative Leaders

Vann Graves was told early on in his advertising career — don’t fall in love with your work, respect your work. As creators, we always need to balance our visions with what the client actually needs, so being fearless and open to new ideas is paramount to finding success in the business world. As the Executive Director of the VCU Brandcenter, Vann is helping develop the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, and creative leaders, and in this episode of Brand Story, he’s sharing his advice with our listeners.

Episode 45
Brand Story Podcast

Building Relationships on LinkedIn featuring Tara Horstmeyer

LinkedIn Professional and Owner of Happy Words

Building Relationships on LinkedIn

Tara Horstmeyer has three tips for interacting on LinkedIn. Be real. Be relatable. Be relational. As a LinkedIn professional and the owner of Happy Words, Tara knows the value in building relationships, and encourages others to stop lurking and create from the heart. In this episode, you’ll hear from Tara about the opportunities for connections on LinkedIn and how to get more out of the platform through authentic conversations.

Episode 44
Brand Story Podcast

Purpose-Based Branding featuring Laura Hutfless

Co-Founder at FlyteVu

Purpose-Based Branding

For Laura Hutfless, starting FlyteVu was more about just selling products. It was about inspiring change, and connecting people to a purpose. This mindset has led the company successfully even today, where they continue to build impactful partnerships and give back to the community. In this episode of Brand Story, you’ll hear from Laura about her career journey, as she shares what it means to embrace your brand’s purpose and lead with responsibility.

Episode 43
Brand Story Podcast

The Entrepreneur’s Journey featuring Suzanne Bergmeister

Executive Director of the Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship at James Madison University

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Suzanne Bergmeister’s path to entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight line. After leaving the Air Force and the corporate finance world to be a venture capitalist, she took what she learned from the investing side of the table and started teaching others about the entrepreneurial world. Now as the Executive Director of the Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship at James Madison University, she’s planting the seeds for future entrepreneurs, sharing her experience in the field and helping others develop their big ideas. In this episode of Brand Story, Suzanne shares her insights on developing ideas and what it takes to find success.

Episode 42
Brand Story Podcast

Playing the Long Game featuring Dorie Clark

Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Communication Coach

Playing the Long Game

It’s no surprise that Dorie Clark’s latest book focuses on long-term strategies for your personal goals. As we all live busier and busier lives, we tend to get stuck in the now and stop thinking about where we want to be in the future. As a top communication coach and business thinker, Dorie coaches others on how to break down the busy, optimize their lives, and be more successful both personally and professionally. This episode of Brand Story shines a light on those challenges and encourages you to reevaluate your own busy life to prioritize what matters most.

Episode 41
Brand Story Podcast

The Art of Social Selling featuring Steve Watt

Director of Market Insights at Seismic

The Art of Social Selling

As an accomplished marketer, sales leader, and subject matter expert in social selling, Steve Watt knows the ins and outs of LinkedIn. Gone are the days of aggressive sales pitches and company voices, now it’s all about individuality and connection. Steve’s work as the Director of Market Insights at Seismic is focused on these new tactics, both on and off LinkedIn, as he encourages others to lean into their human voice. If you’ve been wondering how to get started on LinkedIn, this episode is full of advice from Steve on the different ways to utilize the platform and how to find your voice.

Episode 40
Brand Story Podcast

Adding Value with Podcasting featuring Rich Cardona

Podcaster and Founder of Rich Cardona Media

Adding Value with Podcasting

Rich Cardona knows what it takes to create a successful podcast. As a global top 50 podcaster and the producer of The Leadership Locker, Brown Table Talk, and Emotional Optimism among others, Rich has built his career around helping others scale their business with podcasts. In this episode of Brand Story, he’s sharing his insights around building and growing podcasts by adding value and meeting your listener promise.

Episode 39
Brand Story Podcast

The Value of Brand featuring Michael Smith

Director of Brand and Creative Content at Fountain

The Value of Brand

Michael Smith compares brand to a person walking into a room. What signals are they sending? How do they come across? As an accomplished brand and creative director and the current Director of Brand & Creative Content at Fountain, Michael’s extensive work with brand strategy has helped businesses find the value of their brand and build it for the better. In this episode of Brand Story, we hear from Michael about the impact a brand’s purpose has on its value, and what it takes to build a strong brand.

Episode 38
Brand Story Podcast

Marketing Your Company Values featuring Kelsey Dean

Assistant Vice President & Marketing Director at Pendleton Community Bank

Marketing Your Company Values

Kelsey Dean’s approach to marketing is simple: be authentic, be transparent, be real. As the Assistant Vice President & Marketing Director at Pendleton Community Bank, she leads the marketing efforts in the company’s three regions across Virginia and West Virginia, focusing on true stories and messaging based on their company values. In this episode, you’ll hear from Kelsey about how to connect with customers on a personal level, the importance of staying true to your brand through actions as well as words, and the different marketing strategies you can embrace to stay ahead of the competition.

Episode 37

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