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The Brand Story podcast features in-depth conversations with marketers, leaders, and brand storytellers about their professional journeys and the impact they’re making on the world around them.

Brand Story Podcast

Turning Innovation into Strategy with Lindsey Laughlin

Vice President and Marketing Strategist at Gravity Group

Turning Innovation into Strategy

Sustaining innovation, low-end disruption, new-market disruption. Three main types of innovation are discussed by Gravity’s own Vice President, Lindsey Laughlin. How and when you use each type is based on your place in the market. In this episode, Lindsey guides us through innovation opportunities and disruptive strategy, providing thought-provoking examples and advice on how to better frame your product or service for your audience.

Episode 23
Brand Story Podcast

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence with Connie Hess

Partner and General Manager at Valley Engineering

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

When you’re looking at hiring employees, are you considering intellectual intelligence or emotional intelligence? While it shouldn’t be one or the other, emotional intelligence can often be seen as not as important. But when you’re working to build company culture, it can sometimes mean the difference between thriving and surviving. For Connie Hess, co-owner and partner at Valley Engineering, understanding and adapting to employee needs is one of the most important things a company should do to create an environment for employees to be proud of.

Episode 22
Brand Story Podcast

Art of Brand Experience with Sarah Moore

Senior Vice President Marketing at MGM Resorts International

Art of Brand Experience

When you think of intimate and intentional brand experiences, what comes to mind? Often, we equate those experiences with smaller, mom-and-pop shops or perhaps a local boutique hotel. In fact, for those outside the hospitality sector, rarely would a city like Las Vegas come to mind. However, MGM Resorts International’s SVP of Marketing, Sarah Moore, has made it her personal mission during and post-COVID-era to create the kind of personal experiences that resonate with their resorts’ customers, ultimately turning them not only into raving fans — but avid returners.

Episode 21
Brand Story Podcast

NFTs and Community with Zain Gaziani

NFT Creator

NFTs and Community

In this episode, we hear from Zain about his journey from working for Gary Vaynerchuck on the VeeFriends launch and moderating their NFT Discord to becoming an NFT creator himself. We help break down some misconceptions of NFTs and hear more about the community aspect that makes up the digital space.

Episode 20
Brand Story Podcast

Podcasts’ Compounding Interest with Adam Conner

Founder of Authentic Avenue

Podcasts’ Compounding Interest

Everywhere you look, it seems another podcast has popped up. While the market may feel saturated with too many podcasts to count, there’s an increasing gap between the good, the bad, and the indifferent. In fact, there’s actually an explosion of opportunity when done well. Adam Conner thinks so, too. As the founder of Authentic Avenue, Adam believes there are few media as powerful as podcasts for sharing your brand story, building genuine relationships, and connecting with your audience in a truly unique — and often vulnerable — way.

Episode 19
Brand Story Podcast

A Brand’s Purpose with Patricia Corsi

Global Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Bayer Consumer Health

A Brand’s Purpose

Purposeful and courageous marketing is more important than ever. Yet, it’s more than simply creating buzzworthy campaigns. In fact, Bayer Global CMO/CDO Patricia Corsi sees it as giving authenticity to both your brand’s positioning and messaging in the market to create an audience-first experience. And that experience should ultimately resonate on the deepest of levels — and on the most human of levels, too.

Episode 18
Brand Story Podcast

Empowering Introverts with Daisy Simonis

Founder of Empowered Introverts

Empowering Introverts

When you hear “introvert” do you immediately think, “shy, quiet, likes to be alone”? If you do, you’re not alone. But there’s so much more to the story. In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions around introverted personalities and how they uniquely engage with the world and with others. Daisy Simonis, Founder of Empowered Introverts, is on a mission to help introverts tap into their superpowers on their way to impacting the workforce — and the world — in ways they are uniquely wired to. But, this impact can only come as introverts confidently step into being their unique version of themselves. One interaction at a time.

Episode 17
Brand Story Podcast

The Power of Intuition with Bryn Kenney

Professional Poker Player

The Power of Intuition

Working your way to the very top of professional poker’s top winnings list takes more of the same intangible qualities of a successful athlete or top entrepreneur than many would think. Like many of the highest performers, Bryn Kenney credits a lot of his success to his grounded and encouraging upbringing, but also to the internal qualities and characteristics he forged through countless hours playing in the high-stakes world of poker. His focus on intuition and mindfulness has enabled him to not only endure but excel in one of the most mentally-taxing games of strategy on the planet. All with a real, raw, and exceedingly positive presence.

Episode 16
Brand Story Podcast

Work-Life Integration with Kedren Crosby

President, Work Wisdom, LLC

Work-Life Integration

Creating a sustainable, successful, and emotionally healthy workplace isn’t a byproduct of words on a wall. In fact, it’s much deeper than that. Kedren Crosby, President of Work Wisdom, LLC, has devoted her 25-year career to making workplaces better. In order to do better and be better, brands are realizing that successful workers also want to live better, rethinking the traditional notion of what a successful workplace looks like.

Episode 15
Brand Story Podcast

Brand Commitment vs. Conviction with Kelly O’ Keefe & Matt Williams

Founding Partner and CEO, Managing Partner and Chief Growth Officer, Brand Federation

Brand Commitment vs. Conviction

Kelly O’Keefe and Matt Williams from the Brand Federation are helping brands better define their purpose in our lives and how to tell their stories. Because how a brand is perceived in a post-pandemic world is built on everything from internal culture to everyday customer interactions and the authentic convictions a brand will stand behind.

Episode 14

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