Episode 67
Brand Story Podcast

Content Marketing Simplified

featuring Dana Herra

Content Marketer, Herra Communications

Dana Herra, Content Marketer, Herra Communications, talks about content marketing and finding your brand voice with our president, Steve Gilman.

“We can’t post about XYZ, we posted about that last week.”

How often do we think about or hear this phrase? We want to make sure our messages are seen, but we don’t want to nag our customers. We want to stay relevant and consistent, but we don’t want to overwhelm people.

The truth is? Your audience most likely didn’t see or doesn’t remember your previous message. Repetition breeds familiarity, but creating and posting content is also just one small piece of your content marketing strategy. In this episode, we speak with Dana about the chapters that make up a content marketing strategy, how repetition and consistency help build trust, and why your brand voice matters more than you think.

About the Guest

Dana Herra

Content Marketer, Herra Communications

Dana is a top content strategist, brand voice expert, and copywriter. She spent ten years as an award-winning journalist before entering the marketing world managing content for a university alumni association. After six years as an in-house marketing director, she left to start Herra Communications, where she now helps small and medium B2B service providers get the attention of their ideal customers. 

Quickfire Q&A

Where should a marketing team start?

Dana: Earlier than they think. Where it starts is getting really clear on who you are and why you’re doing this. What do you expect to get out of content marketing?

What piece of advice have you been given that’s really stuck with you?

Dana: In marketing, nothing we do is life or death. You can’t be afraid to mess up because you’re going to.

What’s something you’ve changed your mind about?

Dana: I think I’ve really loosened up on the rules around content. I’ve relaxed all of those hard and fast rules and come to the realization that there are no hard and fast rules.

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About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.