Brand Story Podcast

This is Brand Story, where host Steve Gilman talks with those on the front lines of brands: business leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Our guests represent a wide variety of roles and industries, but the lessons learned break through those walls, connecting us on shared themes of brand experience, leadership, storytelling and understanding your audience. You’ll hear unique stories you can relate to, be inspired by, and learn from — because stories are what connect us.


Writing is a Craft

In this episode, Kate Kelly, a talented writer, speaker, and historian, shares how curiosity drives good storytelling, why it’s important to respond to your audience, and how to get started writing.


Leading from the Ground Up

In this episode, we talk with Daniel Blosser, President of Riddleberger Brothers, Inc., the premier mechanical systems contractor in Central Virginia. For over 30 years, Daniel has worked at RBI in several different positions and uses that experience to lead the company successfully through growth and expansion while staying true to their values.


When Your Mission is Your Brand

In this episode, we talk with Pat Craig, Founder and Executive Director of The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Pat shares his incredible journey from becoming the youngest person licensed in the industry to leading the largest carnivore sanctuary in the world.


Fostering Community Through Storytelling

How do you tell the story of a community? We’re talking with Andrea Dono, Executive Director of Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance about the revitalization of Harrisonburg’s downtown. Andrea shares why you should always stay true to your mission (especially during difficult times), share your organization’s personality, and how storytelling builds community.


Scripts Are the Starting Line

Today we’re talking with Ken Marcus, Senior Writer at The Martin Agency, who has played a major role in campaigns for brands like GEICO and Sling. Ken takes us through the creative process, from building strong relationships with clients, collaboration, writing for comedy, and being single-minded in your messaging.


Be First Second

How do you tell a story that makes an impact? Today we’re talking with content creator Khalil Garriott, Director of Branded Content and Executive Editor at James Madison University, about storytelling, thinking like a journalist, and why your content should celebrate — not sell.