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Creative Branding Consulting

Bring Your Brand Story to Life

Do you ever feel like people don’t understand who you truly are or what your brand really stands for? Telling your brand story in a way that inspires action and advances your organization’s goals can be tough. Doing that all in a way that is both engaging and exciting is the challenge.

At Gravity Group, we help organizations get to the essence of their brand story and bring it to life. We work with you to discover what makes your brand unique and tell your story in authentic, engaging ways. We are a team of experienced strategists and creatives who want to see your brand succeed.

Let’s Ask The Right Questions

Good branding efforts start from inside. They come from being able to answer the right questions. And we start with the most important ones:

  • What’s your story?
  • Why should people care?

Your brand isn’t just “We do X for Y”. It’s why you do X. It’s what you bring to the market. It’s what makes you unique.

We dig deep to find out who you really are – what makes you different from anybody else, how your customers and prospects think and feel about you.

Let’s uncover what makes your brand unique and shine a light on those discoveries. When your story is told in an honest, relevant way, it inspires action. 

Every business, every product, is unique in some way — we don’t stop until we help you figure that out for your brand.

Our goal is to help you understand what obstacles stand in the way of your audience getting what they want and how your brand, product, or service helps them overcome those obstacles.

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Brand Assessment: Stand Out in a Crowd

Your audience is going to be scrolling through emails, search results, social media feeds, and every other daily distraction.

How do you stand out? Let’s start with a brand assessment.

We take a holistic look at your website, social media, physical location, products, and more.

Deliverables from our assessment could include:

  • Identifying your differentiators
  • Defining your brand position
  • Recommendations for how your position should influence your marketing

Brand Identity and Logo Design: Stand Out Everywhere

Brand identity is one of the building blocks of brand awareness. It acts as short-hand for people to remember you by.

Our design team can help you with:

  • Brand ID/Logo design
  • Color palettes
  • Stationery
  • Collateral
  • Brand ID manuals
  • Signage
  • Product displays
  • Brand experience
  • And any other media you may need

Our Team Supporting Your Team

We love branding. We love working with teams like yours to develop and evolve a brand — or come up with something from scratch. We can’t wait to work with you.

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Brand & Marketing Resources from Gravity Group

Purpose-Based Branding

For Laura Hutfless, starting FlyteVu was more about just selling products. It was about inspiring change, and connecting people to a purpose. This mindset has led the company successfully even today, where they continue to build impactful partnerships and give back to the community. In this episode of Brand Story, you’ll hear from Laura about her career journey, as she shares what it means to embrace your brand’s purpose and lead with responsibility.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Suzanne Bergmeister’s path to entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight line. After leaving the Air Force and the corporate finance world to be a venture capitalist, she took what she learned from the investing side of the table and started teaching others about the entrepreneurial world. Now as the Executive Director of the Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship at James Madison University, she’s planting the seeds for future entrepreneurs, sharing her experience in the field and helping others develop their big ideas. In this episode of Brand Story, Suzanne shares her insights on developing ideas and what it takes to find success.

Playing the Long Game

It’s no surprise that Dorie Clark’s latest book focuses on long-term strategies for your personal goals. As we all live busier and busier lives, we tend to get stuck in the now and stop thinking about where we want to be in the future. As a top communication coach and business thinker, Dorie coaches others on how to break down the busy, optimize their lives, and be more successful both personally and professionally. This episode of Brand Story shines a light on those challenges and encourages you to reevaluate your own busy life to prioritize what matters most.

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