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The Brand Story podcast features in-depth conversations with marketers, leaders, and brand storytellers about their professional journeys and the impact they’re making on the world around them.

Brand Story Podcast

Cultivating Emotional Optimism featuring Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

Cultivating Emotional Optimism

Claude Silver could write a book on emotional optimism, but not a lot of people are familiar with the term itself. As the first-ever Chief Heart Officer for Vaynermedia, Claude teaches others how to integrate heart into their professional lives, and in this episode of Brand Story, she’s breaking down the process and discussing the importance of leading with kindness.

Episode 36
Brand Story Podcast

Lead Like a Girl featuring Dalia Feldheim

Founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy and Author of Dare to Lead Like a Girl

Lead Like a Girl

Dalia Feldheim found her purpose around people empowerment early on. As the Founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy and Author of Dare to Lead Like a Girl, Dalia first spent 17 years working for Procter and Gamble leading campaigns around women empowerment. Now she’s focusing on helping businesses empower their own people to promote a more authentic, happier, and psychologically-safe working culture. In this episode, Dalia shares insights from her new book, Dare to Lead Like a Girl, how to evolve your passion into your purpose, and the impacts of working with a positive mindset.

Episode 35
Brand Story Podcast

Representation Matters featuring Mita Mallick

Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta and Co-Host of Brown Table Talk

Representation Matters

Mita Mallick’s career as a marketer, storyteller, and D.E.I. champion has spanned across some of the most iconic brands including AVON, Suave, and Dove. Her focus? Diversity education and representation. Whether it’s embracing different leadership styles, creating products that work for all populations, or introducing relatable representation in mass media, she believes diversity of thought doesn’t happen without diversity of representation. In this episode, you’ll hear from Mita about what it means to lead with kindness, why diverse representation is important, and how to be a supportive ally.

Episode 34
Brand Story Podcast

A Social Media Lighthouse featuring Maayan Gordon

Content Creator, Influencer

A Social Media Lighthouse

Maayan Gordon’s career journey has been anything but ordinary. After surviving a gas explosion and living in an RV, she found massive success utilizing social media to grow her small businesses, and is now helping others across the U.S. do the same. With over two million TikTok followers and a growing audience on both LinkedIn and Instagram, Maayan talks with us about content creation strategies and why it’s important to market for the long-term.

Episode 33
Brand Story Podcast

Mindful Community Development featuring Jay Langston

Executive Director of Shenandoah Valley Partnership

Mindful Community Development

Jay Langston has spent his career working with businesses and local communities to help improve their economic well-being. Now the Executive Director of Shenandoah Valley Partnership, he is leading efforts to expand and relocate business to the region while staying true to the Valley’s roots. In this episode, Jay talks about what it’s like working in economic development and the new priorities companies have when they’re considering a location for their business.

Episode 32
Brand Story Podcast

Networking in the Digital Age featuring David J.P. Fisher

Author of "Networking in the 21st Century" and President of RockStar Consulting

Networking in the Digital Age

David J.P. Fisher, Author of “Networking in the 21st Century” and President of RockStar Consulting, knows how to play the sales game. As a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach, he’s framed his methods around building connections that utilize the tools of the digital age. Armed with more knowledge than they know what to do with, buyers are now turning to those they trust to help them make an informed decision, which means networking is more influential than ever. In this episode, David talks about how the different opportunities of the digital age can help form relationships, the importance of networking ahead, and why the ‘pitch-slap’ is a thing of the past.

Episode 31
Brand Story Podcast

Writing for President Obama featuring Terence Szuplat

Former President Obama Speechwriter and Founder of Global Voices Communications

Writing for President Obama

Terence Szuplat had the opportunity of a lifetime at just 20 years old – a speechwriting internship in the White House. It’s what led to his passion for presentation writing, and after freelancing for many years, he returned to the White House to become one of former President Obama’s longest-serving speechwriters. In this episode of Brand Story, Terry talks about the importance of telling a story in everything you write and what it takes to connect with an audience.

Episode 30
Brand Story Podcast

Dialogue and Deliberation featuring Lori Britt

Professor of Communication and Co-Director of ICAD at James Madison University

Dialogue and Deliberation

There’s a difference between communicating with someone and having an intentional conversation. As a Professor of Communication and Co-Director of ICAD at James Madison University, Lori Britt has spent her career teaching others how to identify their own personal schema and the walls that may be preventing them from effectively engaging with others. Whether you’re speaking to an individual or working as a group, her insights will prove valuable in helping shape your next conversation.

Episode 29
Brand Story Podcast

Season 1 Favorite Moments featuring Steve Gilman

In this episode, our president, Steve Gilman, revisits some of his favorite moments from past Brand Story episodes to discuss branding, marketing, and leadership.

Season 1 Favorite Moments

We’ve had many insightful conversations over the past year with a variety of guests, each one with a unique story to tell. Their experiences shine a light on the different aspects that make for successful brands, and in this episode of Brand Story, we’re revisiting some of our favorite moments. You’ll hear from expert marketers, brand strategists, and content creators as we recap key moments from past episodes that will inspire your next business move.

Episode 28
Brand Story Podcast

Demystifying Web3 featuring Alison McCauley

Best-Selling Author and Web3 Keynote Speaker

Demystifying Web3

As blockchain technology continues to grow, it’s become clear that this new technology is not just a passing phase. People are still experimenting with its uses and how it can impact consumers’ lives. But for a lot of us, the concept still seems like a foreign language. Alison McCauley has been working to change that. She’s spent the past five years working to demystify the space, and in this episode she breaks down the basics of what Web3 means for consumers.

Episode 27

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