Episode 65
Brand Story Podcast

Empathy and Design

featuring Jim Pietruszynski

CEO of Soulsight

Jim Pietruszynski, CEO of Soulsight talks about brand design and empathy within the creative process with our president, Steve Gilman.

Maintaining a fresh brand identity is like walking a tightrope—how do you stay relevant without losing your essence? It all ties back to emotions. 

70% of our decision-making is made unconsciously with our emotions, and when you lean into that power, you can create brands that truly resonate with consumers. For Jim Pietruszynski, that passion for weaving empathy and design together started when he was just a kid and continues to be the driving force behind his practices today.

In this episode, we talk with Jim about the emotional core of branding and the importance of crafting designs that truly embody a brand’s story and purpose. Jim shares about his experience transitioning from CMO to CEO and the importance of uncovering the deeper “why” behind each project. The conversation covers tips on all things brand and emotional decision-making you won’t want to miss.

About the Guest

Jim Pietruszynski

CEO of Soulsight

Jim is the CEO of Soulsight, a full-service brand design agency that utilizes an empathic mindset to motivate consumer connections with brands emotionally. With over three decades of experience in iconic brand design, Jim has worked in every category and channel, and is driven not only by creativity but understanding true human needs. He has experience working with global and iconic companies such as Kraft Heinz, Coca-Cola, Molson Coors, General Mills, Pfizer, Unilever, and Hershey’s, and his work has been recognized by Graphis, How, Print, Communication Arts, Mobius, London International Awards, International Brand Packaging, Creativity Annual Awards, and Pentawards.

Quickfire Q&A

What's something surprising that you've learned about leadership?

Jim: There’s more opportunity sitting on the table than I realized. When you’re focused on the marketing, and then you’re able to step back and away from it, you’ll realize that there are opportunities waiting. You just have to lean in, look around, and have the confidence to say, “there may be something here”.

What's something about your work that you don't get asked a lot or that you want people to know more about?

Jim: I think a lot of people don’t ask the why question, especially when we’re talking about why this product exists or why we need this or why is it important to our culture?

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

Jim: Understand that you add value. I think we add value all the way through our lives. I just don’t think that we often understand the value that we’re bringing to the table.

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About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.