Tag: Branding

Gravity Group’s 2014 Brand Challenge

At Gravity Group, we’re very proud to announce our Brand Challenge for 2014! In the past, Gravity Group’s Nonprofit Brand Challenge has consisted of us partnering with a single local nonprofit each year to help with their marketing and brand […]

Dog Tested. Dog Approved.

Have you seen the new Subaru commercials? They’re my favorite! Finally, a company that appeals to the true head of the household – the family dog. Subaru does an excellent job of knowing their audience and their brand, a thing I’ve learned a lot about since I got my new position as office dog.

The Soda Wars

Regardless of whether you drink soda or not, you’ve heard of the long, heated rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. It has been going on for over a century and while I personally can’t tell the difference between Coke, Pepsi, and […]

The Tweet Read Around the World

It wasn’t that long ago that an unhappy customer would ask to speak to the manager, and if they were really upset, they’d write a letter to the corporate office. These days, they’re paying for a promoted tweet to express […]