Note: This blog post was kindly transcribed for Jillie (one of our office dogs) by her owner, Lindsey. 

Have you seen the new Subaru commercials? They’re my favorite! Finally, a company that appeals to the true head of the household – the family dog. Subaru does an excellent job of knowing their audience and their brand, a thing I’ve learned a lot about since I got my new position as office dog.

Unlike other car brands promoting aspects or features of their vehicles (luxury this, off-road that), Subaru promotes an emotion. You learn far more about what kind of people drive a Subaru than what the car can do. You’d think this would be a bad thing, a company selling a feeling rather than a product, so why does it work?

When it comes to products that are straight-forward, companies have to approach marketing from a different perspective. A car. Everyone knows what it is. You drive it, you bark at it, and you chase it. To sell a car that does the same thing that every other car does, you have to sell something more. Instead of just getting a car when you buy a Subaru, you’re getting a relationship. The cars depicted in Subaru commercials are not just machines used for transportation, but they are holders of memories. They are life-long members of the family.

Look, there goes a squirrel – woof! Sorry, where was I? So, how do commercials with dogs fit in? Besides dogs being the best ever, they represent the values that Subaru tries to uphold – loyalty and friendship. That’s why we’re always popping up in their commercials. Subaru targets families, and what’s a family without a canine companion? We make the company appear friendly, honest, and fun. That’s why Subaru does marketing right.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled nap…

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