Brand Story Podcast

This is Brand Story, where host Steve Gilman talks with those on the front lines of brands: business leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Our guests represent a wide variety of roles and industries, but the lessons learned break through those walls, connecting us on shared themes of brand experience, leadership, storytelling and understanding your audience. You’ll hear unique stories you can relate to, be inspired by, and learn from — because stories are what connect us.


Cultivating Social Community

How often do you follow your gut instincts? Today we’re talking with Zain Gaziani, Head of Community & Social Media for VeeFriends, about risk versus reward, the positive impact of social media, and meeting challenges with enthusiasm.


Adopting an Abundance Mindset

Is it possible to build successful relationships online? Today we’re talking with thought leader Jay Harrington, president of Harrington Communications, about building relationships through LinkedIn, storytelling, and the importance of adopting an abundance mindset.


Building Authentic Connections

It takes a village to build – and deliver – a brand promise. Steve talks with Judith Trumbo, CEO of VMRC, about how to build community, position your brand’s differentiators, and the importance of authenticity to your audience.


Leadership Through Listening

Helping a company through a difficult time shaped George’s philosophy on leadership. He shares why you should hire people smarter than you and how to empower your team.


Your Culture is Your Brand

Armed with stories from the front lines of hospital staff, Carrie shares real-life examples that illustrate how a brand touches every aspect of an organization and those it serves.


The Healthy Skeptic

Partner at Low Country Creative and a professor of visual storytelling at VCU’s Brandcenter, Scott has advice for all the visual storytellers out there: embrace change.