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5 Steps for Creating a Marketing Plan

Teams today need to budget for, plan, and execute the perfect blend of brand and performance marketing, be data experts, produce content as though it were a media agency, and build and manage social communities.

A Brand’s Purpose

Purposeful and courageous marketing is more important than ever. Yet, it’s more than simply creating buzzworthy campaigns. In fact, Bayer Global CMO/CDO Patricia Corsi sees it as giving authenticity to both your brand’s positioning and messaging in the market to create an audience-first experience. And that experience should ultimately resonate on the deepest of levels — and on the most human of levels, too.

Brand Commitment vs. Conviction

Kelly O’Keefe and Matt Williams from the Brand Federation are helping brands better define their purpose in our lives and how to tell their stories. Because how a brand is perceived in a post-pandemic world is built on everything from internal culture to everyday customer interactions and the authentic convictions a brand will stand behind.

A Conversation with George Tannenbaum

Gravity Group President Steve Gilman had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with a true veteran of the advertising industry and an absolute icon of copy and copywriting, George Tannenbaum.

The Storyteller’s Storyteller

George Tannenbaum is an advertising icon and true veteran in the world of copywriting. Having spent nearly four decades in the world of advertising and creative direction for the world’s top brands, he shares his journey of moving from working for a renowned ad agency to now working for himself — and what he’s learned along the way.