Tag: Marketing

A Food Influencer’s Life

Las Vegas has no shortage of food choices, and Philip Tzeng has them all at his fingertips. As a content creator and food marketer based in Las Vegas, Philip has gained a huge following by sharing positive restaurant reviews and building relationships within the Vegas food scene. In this episode, he’s pulling back the curtain to talk about what goes into content creation, working with restaurant brands, and the constantly changing social media landscape.

Leveraging Your Humanity

Human beings are wired for connections. So how do we leverage our humanity to build those connections when technology seems to be pushing us in the other direction? In this episode, Steve speaks with David J.P. Fisher, Author of “Networking in the 21st Century” and President of RockStar Consulting, about the importance of storytelling, building trust, and the impact of technology on sales. The conversation touches on the psychology of human connection, the fear of rejection, and what it means to leverage your humanity.

Crafting the Right Marketing Mix

Being creative means having the courage to take risks. It means rolling with the punches, pivoting when needed, and evolving your ideas to create an end result that resonates with your audience. In this episode, Gina Michnowicz, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of The Craftsman Agency, offers her insights into creating integrated marketing campaigns for top brands such as Disney and Cisco. She shares what it’s like to be creative in the fast-paced world of marketing and how every touchpoint impacts the customer experience.

Content Marketing Simplified

How do you develop a strong content marketing strategy? Dana Herra, Content Marketer, Herra Communications, would break it up into five chapters: foundation, audience, messaging, distribution, and measurement. In this episode, Dana shares her tips for creating a successful content marketing strategy, how repetition and consistency help build trust, and why your brand voice matters more than you think.

Brand Story Breakroom: Magic Candy & Buzzword Bingo

What exactly is the difference between a marketing strategy, plan, and tactic? What’s one thing marketers should start (and stop) doing? Gravity Group’s President, Steve Gilman, and Vice President, Lindsey Laughlin, answer these questions and more while sharing stories from their favorite brands in this Q&A breakroom episode.