Tag: Leadership

Reimagining Inclusion

Reimagine Inclusion – a message Mita Mallick hopes we all take to heart, and also the title of her new book. As a returning guest on our podcast, Mita breaks down what inclusivity really looks like both in the workplace and our professional lives. She shares examples of real struggles she’s experienced, and provides tips to help you on your own personal journey as an ally. Because whether you were ever picked last for a sports team or left off an event list, it’s a very human thing to feel excluded, so how do we help prevent it for others?

Overcoming Fear and Burnout

Wondering how to become a more successful leader? Jahmaal Marshall would say the key lies in self-awareness. As a certified counselor, consultant, and CEO of Listen Then Speak, Jahmaal coaches leaders on identifying their behaviors and how to lean on both their strengths and weaknesses. In this episode of Brand Story, we hear from Jahmaal about the importance of setting boundaries, the role of vulnerability in leadership, and how to find a balance with your team.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Suzanne Bergmeister’s path to entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight line. After leaving the Air Force and the corporate finance world to be a venture capitalist, she took what she learned from the investing side of the table and started teaching others about the entrepreneurial world. Now as the Executive Director of the Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship at James Madison University, she’s planting the seeds for future entrepreneurs, sharing her experience in the field and helping others develop their big ideas. In this episode of Brand Story, Suzanne shares her insights on developing ideas and what it takes to find success.

Playing the Long Game

It’s no surprise that Dorie Clark’s latest book focuses on long-term strategies for your personal goals. As we all live busier and busier lives, we tend to get stuck in the now and stop thinking about where we want to be in the future. As a top communication coach and business thinker, Dorie coaches others on how to break down the busy, optimize their lives, and be more successful both personally and professionally. This episode of Brand Story shines a light on those challenges and encourages you to reevaluate your own busy life to prioritize what matters most.

The Value of Brand

Michael Smith compares brand to a person walking into a room. What signals are they sending? How do they come across? As an accomplished brand and creative director and the current Director of Brand & Creative Content at Fountain, Michael’s extensive work with brand strategy has helped businesses find the value of their brand and build it for the better. In this episode of Brand Story, we hear from Michael about the impact a brand’s purpose has on its value, and what it takes to build a strong brand.