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3 Marketing Lessons from the SuperBowl

I have a confession. I watch the SuperBowl for the commercials. Each year I look forward to seeing how the top brands will find ways to stand out, and this year’s power outage gave quick-thinking brands a chance to shine […]

Truth in Marketing – The Power of the Consumer Review

The era of making exaggerated product claims is long dead – at least it should be. But, some brands continue to use exaggerated claims, or “spin”, to sell products. In the hyper-connected, consumer-driven world we now live in, unethical marketing […]

The Pros and Cons of RAW Capable Video Cameras

There’s certainly a lot of buzz on video industry blogs and websites about new “RAW capable” cameras, such as the new Black Magic Cinema Camera and the recently price-reduced RED ONE MX. These cameras both shoot “RAW” video – or […]

Turn Your Game Around

If you’ve read my recent posts, you know I’ve been focusing on social media and digital marketing (and if you haven’t read them, what are you waiting for?). This time, I’m going to write about my new favorite pastime – […]

Three Benefits of Digital Marketing

You know that feeling you get when you unwrap a gift and what’s inside isn’t what you were expecting. You try to freeze the smile on your face so that the look of disappointment doesn’t register and upset the gift-giver […]