Tag: Leadership

Scripts Are the Starting Line

Today we’re talking with Ken Marcus, Senior Writer at The Martin Agency, who has played a major role in campaigns for brands like GEICO and Sling. Ken takes us through the creative process, from building strong relationships with clients, collaboration, writing for comedy, and being single-minded in your messaging.

Be First Second

How do you tell a story that makes an impact? Today we’re talking with content creator Khalil Garriott, Director of Branded Content and Executive Editor at James Madison University, about storytelling, thinking like a journalist, and why your content should celebrate — not sell.

Building Authentic Connections

It takes a village to build – and deliver – a brand promise. Steve talks with Judith Trumbo, CEO of VMRC, about how to build community, position your brand’s differentiators, and the importance of authenticity to your audience.

Leadership Through Listening

Helping a company through a difficult time shaped George’s philosophy on leadership. He shares why you should hire people smarter than you and how to empower your team.

Your Culture is Your Brand

Armed with stories from the front lines of hospital staff, Carrie shares real-life examples that illustrate how a brand touches every aspect of an organization and those it serves.