Episode 35
Brand Story Podcast

Lead Like a Girl

featuring Dalia Feldheim

Founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy and Author of Dare to Lead Like a Girl

Dalia Feldheim, Founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy and Author of Dare to Lead Like a Girl, discusses leadership qualities and psychological safety with our president, Steve Gilman.

What does it mean to lead like a girl? It means leading from your heart and utilizing your soft skills without sacrificing business goals.

There’s a huge difference between being a manager and being a leader. With toxic work environments being the biggest driver of The Great Resignation, creating a positive working environment and setting boundaries early has become a top priority for businesses that wish to succeed. Dalia Feldheim refers to this as a**hole prevention, and it’s just one of the ways to help create psychological safety in the workplace.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Dalia about what it means to be a leader and how to evolve your passion into your purpose. She shares insights from her new book, Dare to Lead Like a Girl, how to adopt the five P model for happiness, and the impacts of working with a positive mindset.

About the Guest

Dalia Feldheim

Founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy and Author of Dare to Lead Like a Girl

Dalia is the founder of Flow Leadership Consultancy, a business focused on brand building, diversity and inclusion, and happiness in the workplace. She served in the army as a platoon commander before landing a job with Procter & Gamble, where she worked for 17 years leading some of the world’s most iconic advertising campaigns including Always® #LikeAGirl and Whisper’s “Touch The Pickle”. She’s won over a dozen awards, is an international keynote speaker, and her first book, Dare to Lead Like a Girl, was released in June 2022.

Key Takeaways

Psychological Safety

The number one driver of high performing organizations is actually, do you have psychological safety? So what does it mean to create [that]? It’s not about avoiding conflict. It’s not about preaching over issues. It’s about being honest, but being caring. Conflict is an opportunity for connection when you go about it with curiosity.

Finding Your Purpose

Find what you are good at, find what you love doing, find how you can use your brand voice to better the world. Every brand has an opportunity to change life. So what are you going to do about it?

Creating a Positive Work Environment

The soft skills are actually our power skills, today more than ever. 20% experience [bullying] in the workplace directly, another 20% see it indirectly and both have very high psychological costs. But at the end of the day, most businesses require the creativity and the agility that comes when your brain is in a positive nourish state. Our brain is 30% more productive when it’s in a positive state.

About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.