Congratulations to our client, Shenandoah Valley Organic, on five years of improving the lives of farmers, chickens, and home cooks.

In 2012, the Founders of Shenandoah Valley Organic (SVO) recognized the need for a new approach to farming that would allow farmers to control their own farms and raise chickens with care and dignity. Their innovative approach to organic farming took root five years ago when SVO was born, and they have been shaking up the industry ever since. 

Over the past five years, SVO has quickly grown from partnering with just two local farms to working with dozens of family farms, operating its own processing facility, being carried in over 500 stores along the Atlantic Coast and into the Midwest, and distributed through partners like and Fresh Direct. They’ve collaborated with top chefs like Michael Symon, and have supported local community collaborations and sponsored Farm Aid, a nonprofit organization providing funding and support to family farms in crisis.

Congratulations to SVO on their five-year anniversary! We have enjoyed being on this journey with you and are excited to see how you’ll continue to revolutionize the food and farming industries over the next five years.

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