Tag: Storytelling

Building Brand with Unreasonable Hospitality

When Will Guidara took over Eleven Madison Park, it didn’t have a Michelin star to its name. But through a mix of genuine care, creativity, and a bit of unreasonable hospitality, the restaurant has held three Michelin stars since 2012 and was ranked number one on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. In this episode, Will shares his career journey and the valuable lessons he’s learned in both leadership and brand experience, and how industries of all kinds can embrace unreasonable hospitality in their operations.

Brand Purpose Before Profit

Miyoko Schinner knows a thing or two about fighting for what she believes in. As the founder of the successful CPG brand, Miyoko’s Creamery, she’s dedicated her life to affecting social change and sustainability through veganism and activism. In this episode of Brand Story, you’ll hear from Miyoko about the battles she’s fought, the importance of standing strong in your core beliefs, and why she believes that placing purpose before profit is integral for success in business.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

Wade Forbes is no stranger to the art of visual storytelling. As the Chief Illustration Officer of RedTale Communications, Wade helps others tell their stories through engaging visuals, finding new ways to effectively convey messages and capture attention. In this episode, Wade shares his unique perspective on the art form and how you can better use visuals to help convey your message. We discuss the impact visuals can have on communication and connection, and how to leave a lasting impression.

Writing for President Obama

Terence Szuplat had the opportunity of a lifetime at just 20 years old – a speechwriting internship in the White House. It’s what led to his passion for presentation writing, and after freelancing for many years, he returned to the White House to become one of former President Obama’s longest-serving speechwriters. In this episode of Brand Story, Terry talks about the importance of telling a story in everything you write and what it takes to connect with an audience.

The Storyteller’s Storyteller

George Tannenbaum is an advertising icon and true veteran in the world of copywriting. Having spent nearly four decades in the world of advertising and creative direction for the world’s top brands, he shares his journey of moving from working for a renowned ad agency to now working for himself — and what he’s learned along the way.