Here’s another chance to meet an essential behind-the-scenes member of the Gravity team. Ros is a writer, editor, graphic and web designer. She manages Gravity’s internal marketing and helps as needed with client projects. Look for more posts like this one as our Meet the Team series continues!

What is your role within the Gravity team?

I coordinate our internal marketing, meaning I promote Gravity Group. While the rest of the team is devoted to our core work–helping our clients market themselves and meet their growth goals–my job is to make sure we remember that we need to grow as well.

What is a “typical workday” like for you?

A lot of my time goes towards managing our content, whether it’s our blog, newsletter, or social feeds. We usually have a few blog posts in the pipeline at any given point in time. Right now I’m brainstorming with a colleague on choosing a topic, finishing a first draft of another post, and planning the next few months’ worth of posts. Every two months, I take our blog posts, and any articles we think would be interesting to share, and compile them into a bi-monthly newsletter for clients, partners, and friends of Gravity. I also help keep our social media accounts top of mind with our team. Our social feeds would be pretty boring if everything was coming from me, so most days I look for opportunities for my teammates to showcase their experiences, whether it’s taking part in a shoot or capturing a cute moment with an office pup. 

We all share responsibility for keeping the office nice, so I often have a project or two going in that realm, too. I enjoy helping our office reduce our environmental impact, so an ongoing project over the last couple of years has been getting good composting and recycling practices in place. It’s been really satisfying to see us throwing out less and less as a result!

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is coordinating and writing blog posts. Even though it can be time-consuming, and I’m a frequent victim of writer’s block on my own posts, I still love working on them. And I think it’s really fun to see what ideas the rest of the team comes up with for their posts. I’ve learned a lot from my teammates, and it’s really satisfying to share their expertise with others who might find it helpful as well.

What brought you to Gravity?

Until several years ago, I was working as an independent web and graphic designer, with a background in writing and editing. At the time I was looking to transition to an internal position that didn’t involve finding my own client work. I started out partnering with Gravity on web and graphic work, and over time, it evolved into a part-time position. 

What are your favorite tools, go-to resources, or work hacks that help you do your job well?

I love G Suite. I’ve been using Gmail for over a decade, and I love having my email, calendar, and documents all under the same umbrella. My absolute favorite add-on for Gmail is Boomerang, a free tool that I use to schedule emails to send later, and to remind me if no one replies to important messages. I also love Zapier, which lets me connect various tools together. For instance, I use it to send me an email whenever someone posts to our Facebook page, and to record all our Facebook posts in a spreadsheet. I also use it to text me reminders for specific calendar events.

What are your creative hobbies outside of work?

I’m a part-time potter. For me, pottery is the perfect balance for my computer work. Unlike computer work, which is fast, with instantaneous results, pottery forces me to be patient, persistent, and to let go of any control I think I have over the outcome. And it forces me to think with my hands and my heart, instead of my brain (you can see what I’m working on here, if you’re interested). I also love singing, and am a member of a community choir called V.O.I.C.E., which holds concerts to raise money for non-profits in the Harrisonburg area.

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