Here are some updates on what the marketing and branding industry has been up to!

Instagram will be launching two new features: a “Mute” function and a “You’re All Caught Up” message. Mute is a long-requested feature that will allow users to not see posts from certain people they follow, without having to unfollow them. The “You’re All Caught Up” message will let users know when they’ve seen all new posts from the past few days, perhaps driving more traffic to their “Explore” section.

Joy Hawkins did some analysis to answer the question: does the number of reviews on Google impact local ranking in search? Dive into her case study to learn about whether or not local businesses were affected when anonymous reviews (about 3% of total reviews) were removed by Google earlier this year.

The North Face has launched a campaign called Walls Are Meant For Climbing. They are syncing it up with Global Climbing Day, and presenting engaging human interest stories around walls that bring people together. It’s a brand campaign built on positive themes and coming together, things we here at Gravity love to see in marketing.

YouTube is launching a “time well spent” function on its app. It’s a timer that the user can set that will remind them to take a break. It may seem counterintuitive to encourage users to leave the app, but it could have the effect of making users’ time on the app more intentional (and valuable).