Here are some updates on what the marketing and branding industry has been up to!

For the first time ever, Pepsi has overtaken Coke as the Effie Award’s Most Effective Brand. This is notable, as Coke has a long and impressive history of brand consistency and name recognition. Pepsi has been putting in the work over the years and it shows.

Facebook is launching Augmented Reality functionality in Messenger, and several big-name brands are kicking it off. Nike, ASUS, Kia, and Sephora will be the first brands to advertise in Augmented Reality via Messenger. Keep an eye out for what they produce on this cutting-edge medium.

Chrome has announced they will soon be showing a “not secure” message for any websites not using https. Average website security has increased over the last several years, and Google says that “secure” should be the default nowadays.

Digital marketing strategies will start to look different with the GDPR coming into effect in Europe. The new European regulations are the first of their kind, and have been the motivation for the privacy policy updates companies have been pushing live in early 2018. Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere, but some things will be changing in the way ads can be targeted, and how consumers consent to data collection.

And just for fun…

The world’s first team of pregnant superheroes has arrived. Baby products brand Summer Infant has launched a campaign with characters based on real moms. It’s a fun, fresh, and wholesome take on the superhero trend, and works great for their brand.