Although we’re only one month into the new calendar year, the marketing and branding industry continues to make noticeable changes for both consumers and marketing professionals. Below, you can catch up on a few brand announcements and see what the industry has been up to.

Amazon, Google, and Apple have started talking to companies about moving to a new form of advertising — voice ads. Using their in-home systems, like Alexa and Google Home, they can promote products and run media activity based on what consumers search for.

Google is now offering a ‘mute’ button on their reminder track ads, the ads that follow customers around after exiting out of a product page. Google wanted to give consumers more control over what ads they see and when they see them.

Facebook has recently made some changes to their news feed algorithm that make brands’ public posts less prominent than private content. However, there is now a setting to keep public content and local businesses a top player on your feed: a great tip to share with consumers so that your content is prioritized on their feeds.