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Integrating Traditional and Digital Media in Your Next Campaign

Learn to design campaigns that use traditional media to reach customers where they are, and digital media to get them to engage. We’ll show you some examples from national as well as regional brands, and explore some of the major takeaways from these innovative and integrative campaigns.

The Tweet Read Around the World

It wasn’t that long ago that an unhappy customer would ask to speak to the manager, and if they were really upset, they’d write a letter to the corporate office. These days, they’re paying for a promoted tweet to express […]

Three Benefits of Digital Marketing

You know that feeling you get when you unwrap a gift and what’s inside isn’t what you were expecting. You try to freeze the smile on your face so that the look of disappointment doesn’t register and upset the gift-giver […]

5 Steps to Social Media Success

If you’re like a lot of small business owners, you find social media confusing. How often should you update your status, what would you tweet about, and what in the world is Pinterest? More importantly, will anyone even care what […]