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Newest Tech Isn’t Always the Best Tech For The Job

That title may be just common sense to most of us. Messages from many tech firms, however, would have us believe that the next release of their product is going to revolutionize the industry – be it video production, personal […]

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Video Stands Out

At Gravity Group we have a lot of great video production equipment – but pulling off a great shoot goes far beyond the fancy camera. Here are some basics that anyone working on a video should consider:

Managing PPC: Google AdWords Explained

You’ve seen the paid ads that appear on search results pages (SERPs), and there’s a good chance that you’ve even managed one of these paid search or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. I’ve found that many marketers are able to […]

The Pros and Cons of RAW Capable Video Cameras

There’s certainly a lot of buzz on video industry blogs and websites about new “RAW capable” cameras, such as the new Black Magic Cinema Camera and the recently price-reduced RED ONE MX. These cameras both shoot “RAW” video – or […]

5 SEO Myths

After talking with clients about ways to optimize their websites and swapping stories with other SEO consultants, I’ve noticed a few misconceptions about search engine optimization (SEO), regardless of industry or business size.