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Meet Our New Production Van

Gravity Group has a new production van! Predictably, I’m geeking out about this quite a bit. This 4-wheeled gear monster is customized inside and out to store a lot of equipment so we are prepared for any situation on set.

Mark’s Favorite Video Tech of 2016

From drone technology to web video, 2016 has been another exciting year for video tech. Get a guided tour of some of these new technologies from our in-house videographer (and our favorite video tech nerd).

5 Quick Tips For Taking Better Phone Photos

These days I don’t always want to carry my bulky DSLR around and there are times when my DSLR with a big lens can disrupt a great photographic moment. Fortunately, modern smart phones now have pretty impressive cameras (for their […]

Moving Beyond The Safe Shot

Let me paint a scenario I’ve come across several times in the past few years. I’m on a shoot, photography or video, and it is crunch time. The client is getting tired, or the weather is taking a bad turn, […]