Episode 57
Brand Story Podcast

The Art of Visual Storytelling

featuring Wade Forbes

Chief Illustration Officer of RedTale Communications

Wade Forbes, Chief Illustration Officer of RedTale Communications, discusses the art of visual storytelling with our president, Steve Gilman.

Visuals are a powerful medium. They can help us recall important information, evoke emotion, and connect our message with others. Visuals can also help tell a story, resonating with people in a way that words alone cannot. As a sketchnote artist, illustrator, and graphic recorder, Wade is no stranger to the art of visual storytelling. His work has allowed him to embrace his creativity and help others tell their stories through engaging visuals.

In this episode, Wade shares his unique perspective on the art form and how you can better use visuals to help convey your message. We discuss the impact visuals can have on communication and connection, and how to leave a lasting impression. Because in a world filled with information overload, capturing attention and conveying messages effectively can make all the difference.

About the Guest

Wade Forbes

Chief Illustration Officer of RedTale Communications

Wade is the Co-Founder and Chief Illustration Officer of RedTale Communications, where he uses his artistic talent to help people tell their stories through visuals. He’s an illustrator, sketchnote artist, and graphic recorder, helping bring conversations to life for government clients, non-profits, commercial businesses, and more. Before RedTale, he spent 18 years working in cyber security and consulting with the Department of Defense and the Intelligence community.

Quickfire Q&A

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would you go back and tell yourself, knowing what you know now?

Wade: Don’t put too much stock in the people that aren’t trying what you’ve tried or doing what you want to do, because you might get waylaid or detoured into a place that isn’t worth being anymore.

What would you name this chapter of your life?

Wade: I’m still in my reflection chapter in two ways — reflecting on myself, my thoughts, and what I need, but also reflecting back to others what’s there or what’s not there.

About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.