Episode 19
Brand Story Podcast

Podcasts’ Compounding Interest

featuring Adam Conner

Founder of Authentic Avenue

Adam Conner, founder of the business and podcast Authentic Avenue, talks with our president, Steve Gilman, about how companies can use the podcast medium to help them in their marketing strategies.

From its inception in the mid-2000s to now, podcasts have not only exploded but have evolved as well. And when it comes to its effect on the brands that have decided to implement them as a strategic content engine, there’s an increasing gap between those who see results — and those who abandon the process.

Adam Conner thinks so, too. The Founder of Authentic Avenue is leading the way in a new evolution of podcast creators as his company aims to solidify ‘Podcast as a Pillar.’ In doing so, Adam is debunking the mindset that short-term performance marketing is the only way for brands to win the content game.

Instead, when the focus shifts to telling powerful and relatable stories, aiming to give the audience real value and tap into intentionality and patience, the benefits compound and, ultimately, go far beyond a simply transactional piece of content.

In fact, as Adam shares in this episode through his authentic and vulnerable business journey, your podcast can become the pivotal pillar of content your audience — and your business — has been waiting for.

About the Guest

Adam Conner

Founder of Authentic Avenue

From his days as a Talent Solutions Analyst Intern at LinkedIn to spending time selling to C-suites and other senior leadership and eventually heading up Business Development at Applied Predictive Technologies, the Harvard grad has had quite the career story over the last several years. Adam ultimately spent time evangelizing ‘peer marketing as the single most authentic and influential strategy’ through his time as Senior Director of Vivoom before it closed in August of 2020 due to the impacts of COVID. After Vivoom’s closure, Adam launched his own podcast company, Authentic Avenue, in hopes of combining “that which I love with that with which I can build a business.”

Quickfire Questions & Answers

What's the most important thing you've learned so far in your career?

The power of compounding and that not everything is going to be an immediate return. Just understanding that everything is a long tail, everything’s going to compound, especially in long-form content, in any venture. If you keep that in mind with the correct guardrails, you won’t burn out as quickly as you think.

What's something you've learned this week?

It’s about the power of consistency, even in small pieces. Right now I’ve committed myself to making a small post on LinkedIn every single day. Consistency will gradually build up the audience and the following that I want by saying those otherwise erudite things that I come up with once every two weeks.

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

There’s a quote that is painted on the wall somewhere at Meta’s HQ, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” That statement can be as major as influencing whether or not you start your own thing, or it can be as minor as convincing you that if you take a 15-second video of your cluttered office to show that you’re imperfect too, that people will engage just the same.

About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.