Episode 11
Brand Story Podcast

Leading from the Ground Up

featuring Daniel Blosser

President of Riddleberger Brothers, Inc.

Daniel Blosser, President of Riddleberger Brothers, Inc., talks about his career journey and how he grew to lead the premier mechanical systems contractor company in Central Virginia.

For over 30 years, Daniel has worked at RBI in several different positions and uses that experience to lead the company successfully through growth and expansion while staying true to their values.

Steve and Daniel discuss how leaders use storytelling to engage with their employees, brand culture and the importance of investing in your team, and maintaining personal connections as your brand grows.

About the Guest

Daniel Blosser

President of Riddleberger Brothers, Inc.

Words of Wisdom

“We’re intentional in the way we communicate. We want it to be personal. We’re a part of a big company, but we want to be human – to our customers, to our employees – and make sure they understand we care.”

Episode Highlights

Ground-level experience makes for stronger high-level leadership.

Having the perspective of your employees by working beside them creates a mutual understanding and respect within your team.

It’s all about the culture.

Listen to, care for, and understand your customers and employees and you’ll have people that want to stick around. Communication is invaluable when it comes to maintaining a culture of caring.

Embrace your local brand.

A local name and personal connection with your audience can go a long way with establishing brand loyalty. While it’s good to expand, make sure your customers and employees know it’s still the brand they’ve grown to trust.

About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.