With our 1st annual Brand Challenge, we’re challenging you – our hometown readers, clients and friends – to take a little time and nominate a small nonprofit that needs brand or marketing help.  If you don’t work or volunteer at a small nonprofit, then pick up the phone and encourage someone who does to sign up!

We’ll work with the winner of the Challenge (chosen March 2011) to build a better brand – to meet their marketing challenges head on, help them take a better position, and define a clear strategy to truly engage their audience.  And, best of all, the solution that the Brand Challenge winner gets will be custom fit just for them.

Why a Brand Challenge for just small nonprofits? 

Because being a small nonprofit is hard.  Lack of funding, evaporating grants, growing competition for donations – all of these challenges make a strong brand and good marketing crucial for a small nonprofit.  Plus, small nonprofits focus on helping others that are less fortunate, and they often provide services to at-risk populations.  And we want to help them succeed.  Over the years, all of us at Gravity Group have been associated with this type of organization in some way, and we’ve always wanted to do more than we’ve been able to.  So, this is our way of giving back a bit.

Why a custom solution and not just a new logo or an ad campaign? 

Because custom solutions are the core of what we do.  Every brand is unique, and brings its own challenges – a unique brand promise, a unique audience that needs to be reached, and so on.  So, no cookie cutter packages from Gravity Group.  No sir.

So, that’s it and here’s the link to enter! The entry deadline has passed.

We are really looking forward to reviewing the entries and choosing our 1st annual Brand Challenge winner.  It will be a difficult choice with so many deserving organizations out there.  We’ll do our best to choose an organization that we’ll be able to help the most.  So let us hear from you or your favorite nonprofit today!