Ever see a commercial and wonder how it was made? People are often amazed at the amount of equipment (lights, cameras, reflectors – oh my!) and time it takes to shoot a high-quality TV spot. Sure, you could take short-cuts, but since the end result represents your brand in a big way, it’s worth it to do it well. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at production for upcoming TV spots for RMH.

Creative Director Christian Perritt sets up the shot

I’m checking to make sure the reflector blocks the light throughout the full motion in this shot. And I’m smiling at my dog – she’s the cute pup you see in the first photo.

Christian is checking the shot on an external monitor. A larger screen is the perfect way for the director to make sure the shot is in-focus, well-lit, etc.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek of our most recent shoot. Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@gravitygroup) for more shots from the field!

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