What is Content marketing?  It’s most often defined as digital media, video content, and assets such as websites, blogs, newsletters, white papers, etc.  The brand is the publisher and often offers the content for free. Content marketing is “owned media” and is designed to leverage the strengths of search marketing and social channels. It is designed to engage audiences and build preference for a brand. 

An example of a common and effective type of content marketing is instructional content – content that teaches your audience how to do something.  If they learn from your brand and what they learn truly benefits them, they will be back.  And, if they learn from you consistently, they will trust your brand and come back again and again.

It is important to remember that every type of content does not fit every kind of business, so we help our clients decide what content to produce and how best to fully leverage that content throughout multiple channels.  We work with our clients to match their business and marketing goals to a content strategy.

And we begin by asking a simple but powerful question:

How will the content add value to the lives of our target audience?

That’s the first step to developing a content strategy that will engage your audience. Follow our blog and sign up for our Build Your Brand newsletter to learn more about how to develop and implement an effective content strategy for your brand.