One of the most important things I do as Media Specialist at Gravity Group is to read. This may seem odd, but in the technology field, advancement is fast and I have to know what is going on. Staying on the cutting edge doesn’t necessarily mean I purchase every new video gizmo out there. It does mean I know all about the new tech, and that I am always reading blogs and following major players in the video and technology industries.

DIY is a great way to increase your expertise

All of that said, being an expert in any given field doesn’t mean having all the answers for every situation, but it does mean having the drive and know-how to find the information you need.

A while back, an electrical short disabled a light I use for video production. I am certainly not a master electrician, so I had to spend some time figuring out how to fix the light. I hunted around for parts, and actually had to rebuild the light 3 times before I was satisfied. When I finally turned that production light back on for the first time, I was ecstatic. Not only did I have a working light again, I had fixed the problem (without setting any fires)!

Being an expert isn’t about knowing everything. But I’ve found that being an expert means you’re insatiably curious, and I think that kind of passion for your work is infectious, and those around you will see it.

This brings me to the best part of being an expert in what you do – the rewards. Accomplishing tasks and saying confidently that you know your work makes every day a new and rewarding challenge. I love coming into work because I can say I’m ready to meet the challenges of the day with a great team of experts.

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