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How We Used Illustrated Characters to Reach Kids

If you’re not sure illustrated characters are effective brand mascots, try walking down the cereal aisle at your local grocery store. Those characters connect with kids on an emotional level that other marketing methods can’t match. Big brands have mastered the use of animated spokespeople, but companies of every size can benefit from the love of a character.

5 SEO Myths

After talking with clients about ways to optimize their websites and swapping stories with other SEO consultants, I’ve noticed a few misconceptions about search engine optimization (SEO), regardless of industry or business size.

Effective Content Marketing

What is Content marketing?  It’s most often defined as digital media, video content, and assets such as websites, blogs, newsletters, white papers, etc.  The brand is the publisher and often offers the content for free. Content marketing is “owned media” […]

Know Your Audience. And Speak to It.

Before coming to Gravity Group, I worked in the sales and marketing department of a large company and had the same responsibility as many of our clients: marketing the company’s products and services to its target audience.  The problem was […]

Brand Gut Check

In the rush to get creative messages out and sell products, marketers often neglect brand strategy. Without a clear strategy and a strong positioning statement to use as the touchstone for creative, you often get empty messaging and wasted opportunity. […]