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Moving Beyond The Safe Shot

Let me paint a scenario I’ve come across several times in the past few years. I’m on a shoot, photography or video, and it is crunch time. The client is getting tired, or the weather is taking a bad turn, […]

Perspective Is Everything

In video production, choosing the right perspective is crucial. Any connection with an audience using visuals has a point of view from which the camera shoots, and choosing the right location, angle and field of view can make or break […]

3 Marketing Lessons from the SuperBowl

I have a confession. I watch the SuperBowl for the commercials. Each year I look forward to seeing how the top brands will find ways to stand out, and this year’s power outage gave quick-thinking brands a chance to shine […]

Truth in Marketing – The Power of the Consumer Review

The era of making exaggerated product claims is long dead – at least it should be. But, some brands continue to use exaggerated claims, or “spin”, to sell products. In the hyper-connected, consumer-driven world we now live in, unethical marketing […]