Episode 54
Brand Story Podcast

Brand Story Breakroom: Lifestyle Branding with YETI and Disney

Gravity Group’s President, Steve Gilman, and Vice President, Lindsey Laughlin, share stories from the world of brand and marketing, bringing you insights on successful and unsuccessful campaigns, brands, and marketing tactics. In this episode, they discuss lifestyle branding with YETI and the story of Disney California Adventure Park’s brand withdrawal.

Key Takeaways

To truly be a lifestyle brand, you have to be the trusted sidekick that makes the consumer's experience even better.

Any good lifestyle brand is laser-focused on what their audience loves, what they care about, what they need from the brand, and what problem that brand solves for them.

The ‘jobs to be done’ theory is the premise that people don't buy products or services, they hire them to do a job. It really puts the focus on what causes a person to buy something rather than attributes like age or gender.

About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.