Episode 61
Brand Story Podcast

Assembling a Brand

featuring Emmanuel Probst

Global Lead: Brand Thought-Leadership at Ipsos

Dr. Emmanuel Probst, Global Lead: Brand Thought-Leadership at Ipsos, discusses his new book, Assemblage, and what goes into creating a brand with our president, Steve Gilman.

Starbucks, Apple, Star Wars – what do these three brands have in common? They were all developed after taking an idea that already existed and repurposing it for today’s consumer. We often think that great creators need to reinvent the wheel, when in reality, it’s about being able to transform something that already exists and put it in a new context. It’s how great brands are made.

In this episode, we unpack what it takes to assemble a brand featuring insights from Emmanuel’s new book, Assemblage: The Art and Science of Brand Transformation. We cover the anti-heroes, saviors, and villains that make up famous brands, and why being relatable is more powerful than being perfect. Even if you aren’t looking to create a new brand, Emmanuel’s examples on how to reshape and repurpose ideas are applicable to businesses both large and small – so you can spend less time trying to reinvent the wheel and more time focusing on what matters for your customer.

About the Guest

Emmanuel Probst

Global Lead: Brand Thought-Leadership at Ipsos

Emmanuel works in brand thought leadership at Ipsos and also teaches consumer market research at UCLA. He writes about consumer psychology for numerous publications, like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and he’s the author of the classic brand book, Brand Hacks. His most recent book, Assemblage, The Art and Science of Brand Transformation, released earlier this year and explains how to build brands that transform people and the world they live in.

Quickfire Q&A

There's a quote in the book that says, “People build brands the way birds build nests.” Can you talk a little bit about that?

Emmanuel: We too often think that great creators reinvent the wheel. Most of the time, they transform something that exists, repurpose something, and put it in a new context. That’s how we build a brand. You don’t start from scratch. You assemble your brand and product based on what’s already in existence and repurpose, reshape, or adapt to the existing market.

What inspired you to write Assemblage? Why now?

Emmanuel: What inspired me was: how can we build better brands? Looking around, I see too many brands and so many products. It’s so overwhelming. So how can we create brands that are more meaningful to people? How can we create products that are making a positive impact on people and the world we live in?

About The Host

Steve Gilman

As the President of Gravity Group, Steve is passionate about helping brands reach their goals through honest, creative marketing and powerful brand stories.