Riley Swartzendruber

Media Producer

Riley has the drive to tell stories, so much so that he trekked up Mount Kilimanjaro with 30+ pounds of camera equipment to document the journey. That is the kind of dedication we wanted to see when it comes to storytelling, and we are grateful he made it up and back without going too crazy (19,000 ft in elevation can really affect a person).

Back on flat land at the Gravity Content Studio, Riley partners with Mark to produce phenomenal video and motion graphics work. He’s fluent in the languages of Adobe Premiere and Lightroom, and conversational in After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. A total team player, he most enjoys collaborating with the Gravity team on client projects to produce the best work possible.

Away from the studio, Riley loves pushing himself with his photography, practicing landscape and astrophotography out in the Shenandoah Mountains and beyond, traveling to new places, and stretching himself creatively in a different way with Dungeons and Dragons.