The Key to Increasing Sales: Ask Questions

Too often salespeople are so anxious to close a sale that they don’t take the time to determine what their potential customer needs. What should they do? Ask questions. There’s a story about a sales trainer who was interviewed by Johnny Carson. Carson asked the salesman to sell him something, to which the salesman replied,…

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Confusing Brand with Brand Identity

I recently attended a “branding session” where I, along with other participants, was asked by a consultant to “brainstorm a brand”.  This was surprising to me on two levels.  First, the consultant in question was billed as a branding expert.  Second, what she was asking was basically impossible.  Why?  The reason has to do with…

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Results powered by Integrated Marketing

About six weeks ago, we launched an integrated campaign for a client (for this post, they’ll remain anonymous since their campaign is still active), and I’m happy to report that our early results are looking very positive.  I believe that the early success we are seeing and, ultimately, the overall success of the campaign can…

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So what’s this “Brand Challenge” thing?

With our 1st annual Brand Challenge, we’re challenging you – our hometown readers, clients and friends – to take a little time and nominate a small nonprofit that needs brand or marketing help.  If you don’t work or volunteer at a small nonprofit, then pick up the phone and encourage someone who does to sign…

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Your Undivided Attention - Five Steps to Active Listening.

Your Undivided Attention – Five Steps to Active Listening

When is the last time you gave a customer or client your undivided attention? One of our most crucial professional skills is the ability to listen. And it seems like so many people don’t know how to listen anymore. Maybe it’s a symptom of our social media-obsessed world. Or, maybe many of us never really…

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