Here’s a chance to meet an essential behind-the-scenes member of the Gravity team. Mark is a videographer, video editor, and all around media specialist. He’s both an expert storyteller and tech nerd, and a core member of our Video Production Team. Look for more posts like this one as our Meet the Team series continues!

What is your role within the Gravity team?

My primary role is as the Media Specialist, and that means I work with all things photography, video, editing and motion design. In pre-production I assist in planning, logistics, art design, and anything else a production might need. On set, I’m the primary photographer and cinematographer as well as directing the lighting or any rigging we might need. On larger productions with larger teams, I also work as producer and/or assistant director. In the office, I’m the photo and video editor as well as motion graphics designer, and I help with our office technical needs ranging from data management to troubleshooting. I get to wear a lot of hats from day to day, which I really enjoy.

Mark and the Production Team discussing the plan at a shoot

What is a “typical workday” like for you?

Generally, I’m usually on a shoot or in the office working on post-production. The bulk of my time is at my desk editing photos and footage and motion graphics, but we are a highly-collaborative team, so I’m frequently in others’ offices or in our meeting spaces working on projects. We work like a well-oiled machine here, and I love being a part of that process however I can!

Mark editing a commercialWhat is your favorite part of your job?

I would say that the storytelling process is my favorite part, whether it’s planning for production, working with clients on set, or post production, the fact that I get to tell stories as a part of my job is pretty darn cool.

What brought you to Gravity?

I was moving back to Harrisonburg (I’m an EMU grad) after living in Baltimore, and I was looking for job that would use my creative skills and was team-oriented. Gravity was looking for a Media Specialist at the time, and it was a perfect fit for me. I went through several interviews at Gravity, but by the beginning of my first interview, I knew I wanted to work here.

Mark on the ground with a camera, getting a unique angle at a shoot

Mark getting the job done

What’s your favorite tool, go-to resource, or work hack that helps you do your job well?

My favorite tool is the camera. The power of visuals to tell stories is incredible, and I’m grateful everyday to be a part of that process.

There are so many resources that I use on a daily basis, but YouTube has to be one of my favorite places for tips, inspiration, and fixes to problems. You can find anything there.

On a shoot, or in the edit room, my favorite work hack is to think about perspective, figuratively and literally. I always try to get my camera into a new perspective: at eye level with my subject, in a unique vantage point we don’t normally see, or in a place of intrigue or surprise.

What are your creative hobbies outside of work?

I’m sure it’s shocking to no one, but I love fine art photography and documentary photography, and those genres of photography have been a creative constant for me since I was very young. I particularly enjoy alternative photo capture and printing, such as infrared photography or “fresco” printing of my photographs. I also love building and fixing things, whether it’s tinkering with my custom-built computer, fixing something around the house, or woodworking.

Mark and a friend at Switzer Lake photographing the persied meteor shower in 2015

Mark at Switzer Lake photographing the Persied meteor shower in 2015

Mark's 6x6x30 prints

“Fresco” prints from Mark’s 6x6x30 show

A timelapse of Mark creating one of the prints: