MondayWhat’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mondays? For most people, it’s dread. It starts on Sunday evening. You start to feel anxious at the thought of returning to work, and by bedtime, you’ve become a nervous wreck. Workday “what ifs” run through your head, keeping you up and causing you to stumble into work feeling exhausted.

It’s not that you don’t like your job, but sometimes the thought of all the projects waiting for you can be overwhelming. Don’t worry – that’s normal! Here are three tips for making Mondays more manageable:

  1. Clean Up Your Act – Before you leave the office on Friday, get ready for Monday. Organize the stacks of paper and files on your desk and put things back in their place. Coming in to a tidy office will make you feel less frazzled on Monday morning. I’m not nearly as overwhelmed when my desk is clear of files than when I’m greeted by stacks of toppling paperwork that I have to move so I can sit down.
  2. Make a Plan – I love a good to-do list. Whether you keep yours on a sticky note, a whiteboard, or a project tracking tool, make sure to update it on Friday. Knowing exactly what’s on your plate will help you to prioritize your time. The more impending tasks you remember Sunday night, the harder it will be to envision having time to complete them all. A clear plan of action will keep your projects on schedule.
  3. Set Yourself Up for Success – I’m a huge fan of the snooze button and have become an expert at finding ways to shave time off of my morning routine. If you’re not a morning person and enjoy giving your snooze button a workout, prep for the week on Sunday. Have your work bag ready to go, pack your lunch, and decide what you’re going to wear in advance.

It’s time to stop fighting it and give Mondays a chance. Try out my Monday tips and let me know how it goes – tweet me @lindseygravity and share how you get ready for Monday!

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