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Mark’s Favorite Video Tech of 2016

From drone technology to web video, 2016 has been another exciting year for video tech. Get a guided tour of some of these new technologies from our in-house videographer (and our favorite video tech nerd).

Behind the Scenes of a Commercial

Here at Gravity group, one way we tell stories is with commercials. Here’s a glimpse of what goes into planning and shooting a commercial, through the eyes of a Gravity producer.

Amazing, Inspiring, Good Enough to Watch Over And Over Title Sequences

When I’m chasing my tail on a creative project, like a website or logo, I usually have to force myself to forget about the project for a while and look around for inspiration in odd places. This post is a journey into one of those odd places I found: Amazing, inspiring, good enough to watch over and over title sequences.

Highlights from 2014

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed – is it just me, or does time seem to move faster as you get older? During the past week, I’ve taken time to reflect on 2014 and the amazing people […]