Tag: Brand Management

Telling Your Brand Story

Stories are what drive people to participate, believe, and buy. A compelling brand story is crucial to your company’s growth and success.

5 Steps for Your Brand Guide

Maintaining a consistent brand identity and tone is vital in this day and age, and a key part of that is developing a Brand Guide that is easy for your team to find and use. Here are some steps to take in creating and then consistently using your Brand Guide.

7 Essential Books for Business Leaders

Here is a ‘must read list’ of some of the best marketing (and branding) books that I reference again and again. They all address the core challenge of getting people to hear your message and take action.

The Tweet Read Around the World

It wasn’t that long ago that an unhappy customer would ask to speak to the manager, and if they were really upset, they’d write a letter to the corporate office. These days, they’re paying for a promoted tweet to express […]