Taylor MartinLinkedIn

Communications Coordinator

If there’s one thing Taylor is used to, it’s thinking on her feet. Between her large family and customer-service experience, you could say she flourishes in organized chaos. She excels at juggling projects (not objects) and has a natural curiosity that drives her to research and deep dive into many different projects. She’s sort of the office jack-of-all trades.

While she’s not new to the marketing world, her communication skills are where she truly shines. Active listening, writing, and conveying information are her specialties. One of her favorite things to do is take complex information and simplify it so it’s easy for anyone to understand. Her self-discipline and adaptability also make her a powerhouse for getting things done.

Outside of Gravity, you’ll either find her traveling or buried in research and planning for her next trip. When she allows herself a break from that, she can typically be found reading or spending time outside trying to tire out her dog, Ozzie.