Lindsey LaughlinLinkedIn

Vice President, Marketing Strategist

Lindsey had planned to become a forensic scientist, but luckily for us, she became a marketer instead. Solving problems is her jam. Other things she’s boss at that could have led to different career paths: being strategic and always thinking two steps ahead (CIA operative), communicating complex ideas and concepts and explaining them in a way it makes sense (professor), and getting everything and everyone organized AF (she’s like the workplace Marie Kondo).

All of those are reasons that she’s on the Gravity team. But why we’ll never let her go: her outstanding dedication to clients. We’re talking shirt-sleeves rolled up, sweat on the forehead, getting down and dirty with a client’s marketing challenges. She becomes such a part of your team, you’ll probably find yourself setting up an office for her.

When Lindsey’s not being a Forensic Scientist-CIA-Professor-Marie Kondo-like powerhouse, you’ll find her daydreaming about being able to travel to exotic lands again (How many people do you know who have hiked a glacier in Iceland or have swam in the Blue Lagoon?) In the meantime, she’s consoling herself with long walks with her beloved pups, taking photos of pets and nature, and flipping the channels between football and Bravo.