Ros O'Brien

Kitchen compost bin

Make a Difference: Your Guide to Office Composting in the ‘Burg

After over a year of composting our food waste at Gravity, we thought we’d share the resources we’ve developed to make composting work in an office setting.

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube logos

Power in Numbers: Strategies for Managing Your Social Brand as a Team

We share sustainable ways to spread the work of producing social content to a larger group, while presenting a coherent, relatable brand to your audience.

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I will not SPIN

Let’s Give Marketing a Good Name

Marketing can be used for good, or for evil. Here are some thoughts on how marketing can be done with honesty and integrity.

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How Brand Concepts Inform Logo Design

How Brand Concepts Inform Logo Design [A CASE STUDY]

We deconstruct the Gravity Group logo in terms of what it says and how it says it, translating strategy into visual design.

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