At Gravity, every team member offers something unique to our operation (and some of us come with furry friends as well). While most of our clients haven’t worked directly with Stephanie, if you’ve seen our creative, chances are you’re familiar with her work. Meet Stephanie Sprouse, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and a core member of our design and production teams. Look for more posts like this one as our Meet the Team series continues!

What is a “typical workday” like for you?

It’s hard to talk about a “typical workday” at Gravity Group. What I focus on depends on the projects we are spearheading that week, and I might spend the day working on one campaign, or switching between multiple projects. Just the other morning I was tasked with developing a marketing email, digital graphics, and print materials based on an approved print ad design. Whether I’m working on an animation, a standalone print ad, or website content, I spend most of my time at the beginning of the project collaborating with the team and brainstorming ideas. Of course, sometimes when my to-do list is especially long, I need to shut myself in my office. My puppies help keep me company though!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I think that working with the team at Gravity is one of the highest on my list. This group of people is definitely one of the best teams out there. Another favorite part of my job is creating character illustrations. Bringing life to different characters lets me invent their stories and the worlds they live in. In reality, all of our clients have worlds that we’ve helped create. Watching those worlds evolve over time is a lot of fun.

What brought you to Gravity?

When I was a senior at JMU, I was looking to intern with a company that used graphic design services and wasn’t too far away from campus. I chose Gravity because I was interested in learning about marketing. After working closely with the team, I was inspired to start developing my own ideas on how the designs could mature, and at the end of my internship, I transitioned to full-time employment. I really connected with being able to tell the story of a brand and the supportive, collaborative nature of the team at Gravity. That’s a hard thing to find in this industry.

What’s your favorite tool, go-to resources, or work hack that helps you do your job well?

Although there are a bunch, I definitely could not live without touch gestures on my MacBook! I use a touchpad and BetterTouchTool to help navigate between the many windows and programs I have open at any given time. It helps me save time when working with multiple monitors. They allow me to switch between Photoshop and InDesign with a swipe, make a window a full screen with a tap or even set up multiple desktops to keep myself, and my work, better organized.

Stephanie with her pup Ripley