Mark Fenton

A misty mountain in the Shenandoah Valley

Tips for Breathtaking Landscape Photography

These easy tips will make a big difference in your landscape photography, whether you’re using a phone or a DSLR.

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A testimonial with a farming couple

The Key to Making a Great Video Testimonial: Listening

Creating a testimonial video is a collaborative endeavor that requires active and empathetic listening in each stage of production.

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Image of a man holding a video camera

Six-Second Storytelling

Bumper Ads allow you to creatively tell your brand story in 6 seconds. Check out some of my favorite examples and tips on how to effectively use this new type of advertising.

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Meet Our New Production Van

Gravity Group has a new production van! Predictably, I’m geeking out about this quite a bit. This 4-wheeled gear monster is customized inside and out to store a lot of equipment so we are prepared for any situation on set.

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