About Us

We’re not like most marketing agencies. Here’s what sets us apart: we create unique-to-you marketing solutions built around your challenges, your audience, your goals. Only that kind of marketing gets results. We just want what you want: to grow your business. We’re a marketing partner who will get in the trenches with you, who never takes the easy way out, who is by your side through the good and the bad.

Meet Our Team

Steve Gilman

Steve Gilman

President, Brand Strategist

We’re not trying to brag, but – Steve founded one of the best small marketing agencies in America, per AdWeek (ahem, that would be Gravity Group.) He’s been doing this marketing thing for over 27 years and has wracked up some pretty cool accolades: he’s played key roles in helping several clients double and triple their size/service area/revenue; he’s launched award-winning creative campaigns, and he’s even been an ex-officio marketing department lead for clients in transition.

Steve enjoys working with clients, listening to their needs and interpreting their challenges into compelling marketing strategies. He has a deep understanding on consumer behavior and preference, what makes them tick, what drives them to take action to buy and what makes them stay loyal to a brand. He’s also a trusted crisis communication professional who assists clients with their messaging during challenging circumstances.

Outside of Gravity, you’ll find him with a camera in his hand (he loves street photography), in theatrical pursuits (he directs theatre, improv, and teaches acting classes), playing the guitar, or rollicking around with his dog, Ollie, a BeagBox Terrier.

Lindsey Laughlin

Lindsey Laughlin

Vice President, Marketing Strategist

Lindsey had planned to become a forensic scientist, but luckily for us, she became a marketer instead. Solving problems is her jam. Other things she’s boss at that could have led to different career paths: being strategic and always thinking two steps ahead (CIA operative), communicating complex ideas and concepts and explaining them in a way it makes sense (professor), and getting everything and everyone organized AF (she’s like the workplace Marie Kondo).

All of those are reasons that she’s on the Gravity team. But why we’ll never let her go: her outstanding dedication to clients. We’re talking shirt-sleeves rolled up, sweat on the forehead, getting down and dirty with a client’s marketing challenges. She becomes such a part of your team, you’ll probably find yourself setting up an office for her.

When Lindsey’s not being a Forensic Scientist-CIA-Professor-Marie Kondo-like powerhouse, you’ll find her daydreaming about being able to travel to exotic lands again (How many people do you know who have hiked a glacier in Iceland or have swam in the Blue Lagoon?) In the meantime, she’s consoling herself with long walks with her beloved pups, taking photos of pets and nature, and flipping the channels between football and Bravo.

Mark Fenton

Mark Fenton

Media Production Coordinator

Mark is a creator. And while he may have dabbled in pottery and sculpture once upon a time, nowadays he creates the visuals which tell our clients’ stories to the world through cinematography and photography. If he’s not behind the camera, you’ll find him exercising his creative wizardry through such programs as Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Mark is also a natural-born problem-solver. A self-proclaimed ‘nerd for understanding how things work,’ he loves building and fixing things – he’s even built his own computer and has upgraded it countless times. A marketing team is incomplete without a Figure-Outer like Mark; it’s essential to solving problems for clients and creating a solution that works.

Outside of Gravity, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and three children, fixing up their fixer-upper, or riding on a rollercoaster (but likely not with their new baby.)

Stephanie Sprouse

Stephanie Sprouse

Design Specialist

Stephanie is our resident badass design guru, whose know-how around illustration, graphic and web design dazzles us on a daily basis. She’s a rare sort who equally exhibits both left- and right-brained-ness: super creative yet also super organized. We think this otherworldly combination is a huge asset for both our team and clients, kind of like a one-two punch, except it doesn’t hurt. She also possesses a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to branding and project management, which really makes her a keeper.

This self-described ‘kid at heart’ will take your love of dogs and raise you twenty. She has two of her own (plus a cat) and even fosters dogs on the regular – so far her record is five puppies at the same time. When she’s not getting slobbered with doggie kisses, you may catch her singing Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, to which she knows every word.

Riley Swartzendruber

Riley Swartzendruber

Media Producer

Riley loves his camera gear so much that he once hiked with it to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. (Ok technically he had to, since he was filming something for a project, but still.) That unadulterated allegiance to videography impressed the hell out of us, outside of the fact that he made it to the top carrying 30 pounds of camera equipment without dying.

Back on flat land at the Gravity offices, Riley partners with Mark to produce phenomenal video and animation work. He’s fluent in the languages of Adobe Premiere and Lightroom, and very conversational in After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. A total team player, he most enjoys collaborating with the Gravity team on client projects to produce the best work possible.

Away from the camera, Riley loves hiking in Shenandoah National Park (and beyond), checking out the local food and brewery scene, and baking a killer loaf of bread.

Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin

Communications Coordinator

If there’s one thing Taylor is used to, it’s thinking on her feet. Between her large family and customer-service experience, you could say she flourishes in organized chaos. She excels at juggling projects (not objects) and has a natural curiosity that drives her to research and deep dive into many different projects. She’s sort of the office jack-of-all trades.

While she’s not new to the marketing world, her communication skills are where she truly shines. Active listening, writing, and conveying information are her specialties. One of her favorite things to do is take complex information and simplify it so it’s easy for anyone to understand. Her self-discipline and adaptability also make her a powerhouse for getting things done.

Outside of Gravity, you’ll either find her traveling or buried in research and planning for her next trip. When she allows herself a break from that, she can typically be found reading or spending time outside trying to tire out her dog, Ozzie.

Dana Vanderveer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ever since Dana fell in love with marketing she’s worked to use that passion to help others.

Her mission: learn everything she can about digital marketing. And because it’s constantly evolving, she’s always learning and applying new best practices to help our clients grow. She’s an enthusiastic go-getter, and no task is too big for her. If you’re planning a digital marketing campaign, you want to talk to Dana.

Outside of work, her interests know no bounds. You can find her solving crossword puzzles, reading, binging The Office, searching to adopt a rescue pup, and exploring the great outdoors. It’s the simple moments of life that mean the most to her.

Ros O'Brien

Ros O’Brien

Brand and Web Specialist

Ros works her creative magic on the design side of things for Gravity. Logo design, website design, copy? She’s got you covered. She maneuvers her way through Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and WordPress with such diligence and precision you’d think she was a yogi (and she is) balancing a plate of tacos on her abs in King Pigeon Pose.

But her prowess doesn’t end there – she is a researcher extraordinaire, digging deep to understand products, processes and technical ecosystems, plus she even provides the always-valuable IT support.

But Ros is a creator of not just logos and websites; she’s also a creator of pottery, embroidery and cross-stitch. Perhaps the most worldly one of the Gravity bunch (and that’s not just because she’s from Canada), she’s spent significant time in 12 different countries. She’s big on sustainability and is credited with starting Gravity’s recycling and composting program. Catch her on the flip side doing yoga and meditating, because even champions have to rest and restore.

Every company deserves to brag about itself a little, so here’s our nice little carved out space for the occasion:

Over its 25+ years, Gravity Group has earned numerous industry awards and recognition, including 21 Telly Awards, 4 Communicator Awards, 11 Axiem Awards, and 13 awards from the Virginia Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations (VSHMPR). Most recently, Gravity won a bronze Telly Award in General Financial Services and a Communicator Award in the Non-Profit Financial Services Commercials categories for its work with DuPont Community Credit Union (DCCU).

Gravity Group has also been recognized by Adweek as one of ten agencies located in smaller cities that produce national-caliber work. According to the Adweek article, “when it comes to blending expertise with a populist aesthetic, these are the experts, with a close-knit team crafting marketing messages as if they were speaking to neighbors – because they are.”