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EMU Web Redesign Wins CASE Awards

Congratulations to the EMU Marketing Department on the recent win of TWO awards for their website redesign from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) in District III.  The CASE awards represent a significant achievement, and EMU is in good company with other winners such as the University of Virginia and Duke University.  The CASE organization includes more than 3,400 colleges/universities and other educational institutions and nonprofit organizations in 74 countries.  The awards recognize and celebrate outstanding programs and individuals, honoring everything from annual reports to websites.

The EMU website project represents a collaboration with the talented team in the EMU Marketing Department that we're very proud of here at Gravity.  While the entire Marketing Department took part in the project, the team for this project primarily consisted of Danny Yoder, Jon Styer, and Marcy Gineris, all under the direction of Marketing Director Andrea Wenger.  They gave life to the ideas that came out of our collaboration, and did an excellent job of gaining university-wide buy-in and support of the completed site design.

Gravity brought outside perspective to the discussion that helped push the team to think beyond the parameters of a typical university website, considering how design choices directly impact how well a site is received by the target audience - in this case, prospective undergraduate students.  By reviewing dozens of other websites focused on that target segment, studying best practices in the industry, and conducting numerous meetings and review sessions, we were able to arrive at a design that meets EMU's marketing goals and speaks to their target from a consistent brand perspective.

We're thrilled that the website turned out so well, and the CASE award only serves to reinforce what we already knew was a successful collaboration.  Congratulations, EMU!